PILCS is an international valorization project under the European Eurostars programme, with two industrial partners from Denmark: Lighten (intelligent lighting controls) and Moto Muto (a design and development company).

Project goal
Although "Intelligent lighting" has been known for some time and is becoming increasingly sophisticated, existing control systems are not human-centred and the lighting is not really "personalized". The PILCS project aims to develop the first fully user-centred, dynamic, personalized and intelligent lighting control system based on the vast scientific research and knowhow in the field of chronobiology, psychology, human centric lighting and human computer interaction. 

The PILCS solution
The PILCS lighting control system will allow users to experience or select the optimal lighting conditions for visual performance and biological stimulation based on individuals’ personal information such as gender, age, chronotype, type of activity and other relevant parameters identified along the project.

The translation of user profile and activities into optimal lighting conditions will be based on innovative PILCS algorithms and models for lighting management. The project result is a plug-and-play and easy-to-use lighting control module to promote flexibility and facilitate its use. Naturally, it is based on the latest in LED lighting technology.

PILCS deliverables
The PILCS solution aims to develop and test a novel, user-centric, personalized and intelligent lighting control system, which will provide fully customized and optimized lighting conditions according to each individual user’s profile. 

TU/e-HTI's role in the project is to perform psychological research, investigating the contribution of dynamic lighting and personal control in promoting health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace. We are responsible for:

  • Literature review and research update on people’ s lighting needs with a particular focus on light scenarios at the work place.
  • Requirements specification for dynamic, personalized lighting scenarios and user controls for the PILCS system
  • Planning & performing a field test to assess the effectiveness, usability and user experience of the PILCS prototype 

Project website: www.pilcs.eu