Research theme 1 New product creation processes

Product creation is an essential element of the NPD process. The creation of new products is fraught with ambiguities and uncertainties regarding strategic objectives, technological capabilities, market opportunities, and the outcomes of development activities. These uncertainties and ambiguities create challenges in three areas: (i) project selection processes, (ii) process management, and (iii) external collaboration in NPDP.

Project-selection processes
Project-selection refers to portfolio management. Managing the portfolio means making repeated, coherent strategic investments in markets, products, and technologies in which profits and risks, incremental and radical innovations, and exploitation and exploration are carefully balanced. Diagnostic instruments are developed for NPD project risk identification and mitigation and studies of financial approaches to design an optimized portfolio of new products are performed. We also look at the role of managerial perceptions, attitudes, and risk behaviors in portfolio decisions, used in conjunction with financial approaches, to yield the most profitable innovation portfolios.

Process management
Process management focuses on NPD process design and interventions by drawing on organization design and process theories. Our research focuses on the creation of new technological knowledge and the way it is subsequently integrated in organizational NPD networks and systems, the effectiveness of different process design principles across contexts and stages of the NPD process, the management of learning and creativity across stages, the interaction between process design and the actual execution of NPD, and trade-offs in accelerated NPD.

External collaboration
This stream looks at the consequences for NPD following from (open) cooperation with co-developers and partners. Within this field we focus on the effects of new forms of organization, collaborative capabilities, and the materialization of networks on success and failure. Moreover, we study the new technology and customer interface, and how technology can enhance new product sales and service processes and investigate the role of purchasing managers and supplier involvement in NPD by showing that value-based sourcing, outsourcing and off-shoring seriously affect a new product's economic success.