Research theme 2 New product commercialization processes

From an external (marketing) perspective, customers' evaluation of new products and their participation in the NPD process is critical to successful commercialization. From an internal organizational perspective, the marketing knowledge and competences of employees involved in NPD are essential to meet customer demands. This leads to the two research areas: (i) customer involvement in NPD, and (ii) internal commercialization of new products.

Customer involvement in NPD
This line of research focuses on how to activate and organize the voice of the customer in the NPD process. Customer participation takes many forms such as: lead users, crowd-sourcing and virtual customer communities, which allow for learning from social interactions with and among customers. This is not only important to obtain input for new product ideas, but also to develop better launch strategies for new products. Attention is also paid to obtaining a better understanding of the impact of social processes among customers involved in the NPD process and, in particular, of the role of IT to stimulate social interactions and learning among customers. 

Internal perspective on commercialization of new products
This subfield studies the impact of commercial activities and competences of employees involved in NPD processes on market success. In particular, cooperative team-based structures, employees' task portfolio, the relationship between engineers and frontline employees, and the effectiveness of teams of frontline employees in servicing and selling newly developed products are studied.