Operations, Planning, Accounting, and Control

Welcome at the Operations, Planning, Accounting, and Control Group

The Operations, Planning, Accounting, and Control Group (OPAC) houses talented researchers conducting research on the planning and control of operational processes, both within the manufacturing and service sectors. These include: 

  1. Manufacturing Sector:
    Production control, distribution, transportation, warehousing, and retail processes. 
  2. Service Sector:
    Maintenance management, Healthcare, and public transport.

The policy of OPAC is to address research challenges that have high relevance to the industry, and meanwhile result in significant scientific contributions to the field.  Our mission statement is to produce high quality research results that lead to the development easy to implement decision support tools for the industry, and to publish these research findings in high impact refereed journals.

The members of OPAC are involved in sharing their academic and research expertise through teaching Master level courses in various programs that they participate in. These include the Master Programs Operations Management and Logistics, Business Information Systems, and the second Master Program Design of Logistic Management Systems.

All OPAC researchers are members of the KNAW recognized Research School BETA.  They are actively involved in the management activities of BETA, as well as teaching courses in the BETA Ph.D. program.  Furthermore, they also manage and organize the European Supply Chain Forum, a consortium of European firms that share their questions and solutions regarding supply chain management problems.

More information about the Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control group can be found at their website.