About Technology, Innovation & Society

The Technology, Innovation & Society (TIS) group of the School of Innovation Sciences provides research and teaching on the societal and economic embedding of innovation.

Modern societies are unthinkable without technology. For instance, information and energy technologies intertwine with radical transformations in work, travel, communication, and private life. Advances in medical technology heavily affect our health care. Innovation processes are crucial to major societal issues such as sustainability, economic growth, development, globalization, and Europeanization. TI&S research and teaching:

  • focuses on the interaction between technological, economic, and social developments;
  • emphasises pervasive, long term changes or ‘transitions’;
  • addresses the developed as well as the developing world;
  • addresses multiple aspects of the innovation journey – invention, innovation, diffusion, appropriation, governance, policy intervention, and societal implications;
  • combines a variety of perspectives, including evolutionary economics, STS, historical, legal, institutional, and user perspectives.