Research profile

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) aims to be a leading school in the area of industrial engineering and management science as well as in innovation sciences.

The mission of IE&IS is closely tied to its pioneering work in developing an engineering perspective of business processes as well as its interdisciplinary research on transitions in societies in relation to technological change.

As a part of Eindhoven University of Technology, the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences focuses on research and education in:

• The analysis, (re)design, and control of operational processes in organizations and the information systems needed for these processes.

• The realization and impact of technological innovations at the individual, organizational, and societal levels.

Significant focal points in the education and research of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences are:

  • human performance management
  • information systems
  • new product development processes
  • production, maintenance, materials coordination & transportation
  • philosophy of technology: ethics and epistemology of innovation
  • psychology of human-technology interaction
  • technology flows, the knowledge economy, and economic performance
  • modern societies in transition, system innovations and sustainability transitions.