Information Systems

The research area of the Information Systems (IS) programme consists of methods, techniques and tools for analysis and (re)design of information systems for the support of operational business processes, both within the boundaries of a single organisation and across these boundaries in the context of (dynamic) business networks.

The research mission of the IS programme is to perform research in the described area on an international level and demonstrate this in tangible research output. The main targeted application domains are supply chains and logistics, high-tech manufacturing, the services industry and healthcare. The targeted research approach is an engineering one, in which modelling has a central position.

The research vision of the programme is to mix basic and applied research with a strong interest in contemporary real-world cases. Formal and semi-formal models are used as means of design for both business processes and information systems supporting these. Novel technological domains are applied, such as inter-organisational workflow management systems, flexible case handling technology, and service-oriented computing.