New Product Development Processes

New product development (NPD) is one of the most important issues in management research and practice. The relative number and impact of refereed journal publications on the subject is high and growing, and in IBM's annual survey of Global 500 CEO’s respondents have repeatedly named NPD as their top priority to maintain and/or grow sales and profitability. NPD also has societal impact and relevance because NPD is responsible for raising the quality and lowering the prices of products that have dramatically improved consumers’ lives.

The NPDP research programme focusses on means for measuring and improving the process of designing, developing, and launching new products (i.e., goods and services) to the market. As such, it encompasses both the strategic planning and operational activities of the new product development (NPD) process. Examples of particular topics of interest are integrated product development, learning, and knowledge transfer in product development, inter-firm collaboration in NPD, customer involvement in NPD, strategic market entry, and capturing market rewards of NPD. While the NPDP research programme covers the full range of new products and its underlying design, development, and commercialisation processes in new ventures, as well as established firms, its primary focus is on high-tech products.