Psychology of Human-Technology Interaction

The programme concerns psychological research regarding people's interaction with technology. It is interdisciplinary in its scope and focusses primarily on human-technology interaction with systems and services involving information/communication technology and sustainability-relevant technology.

The programme covers both experiential, as well as social aspects of the human-technology interaction from a cognitive psychological and social psychological perspective. Its mission is as follows:

  • To perform fundamental interdisciplinary research on human-technology interaction, particularly with respect to communication and information technology and in regard to the promotion of more sustainable performance and wellbeing of individuals.
  1. Research to facilitate the implementation and to promote the use of novel technology  (i.e., innovation);
  2. Research to evaluate and improve technology (such as computer interfaces) for  human usage;
  3. Research to develop and improve virtual and augmented environments for novel forms of interaction, instruction, and entertainment;
  4. Research to evaluate the consequences of novel technology for humans and their everyday performance and wellbeing;
  • To transform students into scientists capable of setting up their own research agenda in human-technology interaction;
  • To enable students to contribute to all sorts of technology-based experiential, social, and organisational problems with critical insight and creative solutions;
  • To disseminate our new insights and, thus, to enable fellow humans to exercise a desired and satisfying level of control over their technological environments.