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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Baarle, drs. S. van ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 0.16 Email to Baarle, drs. S. van
Baas - Kappe, drs. F.E. ITEM Secretary CNT 0.01 +31 40-247 8951 Email to Baas - Kappe, drs. F.E.
Bagheri, S. IS PhD Stud. Pav K.04 +31 40-247 8834 Email to Bagheri, S.
Balk, Y.A. MSc HPM PhD Stud. Pav J.7 +31 40-247 8852 Email to Balk, Y.A. MSc
Basten, R.J.I. OPAC UHD Pav E.03 +31 40-247 2384 Email to Basten, R.J.I.
Beekers, S.J.P. TIS Secretary IPO 2.31 +31 40-247 4641 Email to Beekers, S.J.P.
Behnke, J. HPM PhD Stud. Pav 0. Email to Behnke, J.
Bek, P.K.B. MA TIS PhD Stud. IPO 2.11 +31 40-247 4776 Email to Bek, P.K.B. MA
Bekkers, R.N.A. TIS HGL IPO 2.21 +31 40-247 5621 Email to Bekkers, R.N.A.
Belieres, S.A.F. OPAC OWP Pav F.4 Email to Belieres, S.A.F.
Bemmelen, A.M.A. van HPM Secretary Pav 0. Email to Bemmelen, A.M.A. van
Berg, J. van den MSc ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 0.16 Email to Berg, J. van den MSc
Berkers, dr. E.A.M. TIS OWP IPO 2.24 +31 40-247 5578 Email to Berkers, dr. E.A.M.
Berkers, drs. F.T.H.M. IS PhD Stud. Pav 0. Email to Berkers, drs. F.T.H.M.
Berlo - Verlijsdonk, C.J.C. van OPAC Secretary Pav E.15 +31 40-247 3983 Email to Berlo - Verlijsdonk, C.J.C. van
Bertrand, J.W.M. PDEng IE OWP Pav G.06 +31 40-247 2683 Email to Bertrand, J.W.M.
Besling - Dullaert, M. TIS Secretary IPO 2.02 +31 40-247 2242 Email to Besling - Dullaert, M.
Beute, F. HTI PD IPO 1.29 +31 40-247 5205 Email to Beute, F.
Blok, dr. H. OPAC PD Pav G.7 +31 40-247 2953 Email to Blok, dr. H.
Bobelyn, dr. A.S.A. ITEM UD CNT 0.03 +31 40-247 3613 Email to Bobelyn, dr. A.S.A.
Bock - Loonen, ir. T.J.C.M. de EDU-Adm OBP Pav 0.B 09a +31 40-247 8907 Email to Bock - Loonen, ir. T.J.C.M. de
Boer, drs. D.B.M. de EDU-Board OWP Pav 0. Email to Boer, drs. D.B.M. de
Bokhoven - Metselaars, L.A. van OPAC OBP Pav K.11 Email to Bokhoven - Metselaars, L.A. van
Bombaerts, dr. G.J.T. Phil&Ethics OWP IPO 1.09 +31 40-247 8914 Email to Bombaerts, dr. G.J.T.
Bommel, T. van ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 0.16 Email to Bommel, T. van
Boon, dr. E. Phil&Ethics PhD Stud. IPO 1.15 +31 40-247 7399 Email to Boon, dr. E.
Borgh, W. van der ITEM UD CNT 0.06 +31 40-247 2352 Email to Borgh, W. van der
Borghuis, dr. V.A.J. Phil&Ethics OBP IPO 1.11 +31 40-247 5156 Email to Borghuis, dr. V.A.J.
Bos, E.W.M. IS Secretary Pav D.03 +31 40-247 2290 Email to Bos, E.W.M.
Boschman, ing. M.C. HTI OBP IPO 0.93 +31 40-247 5210 Email to Boschman, ing. M.C.
Boshuijzen - van Burken, C.G. Phil&Ethics PD IPO 1.15 +31 40-247 5141 Email to Boshuijzen - van Burken, C.G.
Bouwens, C.W. Phil&Ethics Secretary IPO 0. Email to Bouwens, C.W.
Bouwhuis, prof.dr. D.G. HTI HGL em IPO 0. Email to Bouwhuis, prof.dr. D.G.
Boxstael, dr. A. Van ITEM UD CNT 0.14 +31 40-247 8846 Email to Boxstael, dr. A. Van
Braad, drs. E.P. HTI PhD Stud. IPO 0. Email to Braad, drs. E.P.
Bree, E.J. de HTI Secretary IPO 1.20 +31 40-247 2889 Email to Bree, E.J. de
Brehmer, M. MSc ITEM OWP CNT 0.16 +31 40-247 3528 Email to Brehmer, M. MSc
Brock, ir. K.M. ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 0.16 +31 40-247 8956 Email to Brock, ir. K.M.
Broeckhoven, B. van ITEM Secretary CNT 0.01 +31 40-247 4187 Email to Broeckhoven, B. van
Broekmeulen, R.A.C.M. OPAC UD Pav E.10 +31 40-247 3974 Email to Broekmeulen, R.A.C.M.
Broers, G.E.T. HR IE&IS OBP TR 1.14 +31 40-247 8827 Email to Broers, G.E.T.
Bruno, M.J. MSc TIS PhD Stud. IPO 2.04 Email to Bruno, M.J. MSc
Buchanan, dr. K.S. Phil&Ethics OBP IPO 1.11 Email to Buchanan, dr. K.S.

Total persons: 43