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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Haans, A. HTI UD IPO 1.35 +31 40-247 5237 Email to Haans, A.
Ham, dr. J.R.C. HTI UHD IPO 1.36 +31 40-247 4210 Email to Ham, dr. J.R.C.
Hamad, mr. R. TIS PhD Stud. IPO 2.08 Email to Hamad, mr. R.
Hanci, E. MSc HTI PhD Stud. IPO 1.39 +31 40-247 5316 Email to Hanci, E. MSc
He, Y. OPAC PhD Stud. Pav N.17 Email to He, Y.
Heine, drs. R.F.L. ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 0.16 Email to Heine, drs. R.F.L.
Hermes, dr. D.J. HTI OWP IPO 1.34 +31 40-247 5214 Email to Hermes, dr. D.J.
Hermkens, drs. F.J.A. ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 0.16 Email to Hermkens, drs. F.J.A.
Hermus, J. BBID OBP Pav A.07 +31 40-247 2612 Email to Hermus, J.
Hernandez Martinez, N. MSc OPAC PhD Stud. Pav F.4 Email to Hernandez Martinez, N. MSc
Herps, K. MSc OPAC PhD Stud. Pav N.4 Email to Herps, K. MSc
Hesaraki, ir. A. MBA OPAC PhD Stud. Pav E.16 +31 40-247 8858 Email to Hesaraki, ir. A. MBA
Heynderickx, prof.dr. I.E.J. Board IE&IS HGL Pav A.05 +31 40-247 4510 Email to Heynderickx, prof.dr. I.E.J.
Hobbelen, C.H. BBID OBP IPO 0.14 +31 40-247 5476 Email to Hobbelen, C.H.
Hoefsloot, E.M. MSc TIS OBP IPO 2.39 Email to Hoefsloot, E.M. MSc
Höffken, dr. J.I. TIS UD IPO 2.25 +31 40-247 2543 Email to Höffken, dr. J.I.
Hooff, dr. W.H.P.M. van TIS OWP IPO 1.16 +31 40-247 4056 Email to Hooff, dr. W.H.P.M. van
Hoop, dr. E. de TIS OWP IPO 2.39 +31 40-247 4895 Email to Hoop, dr. E. de
Houkes, dr. W.N. Phil&Ethics UHD IPO 1.10 +31 40-247 5943 Email to Houkes, dr. W.N.
Houtum, G.J.J.A.N. van OPAC HGL Pav E.13 +31 40-247 5163 Email to Houtum, G.J.J.A.N. van
Houx, I.J.C. TIS Secretary IPO 2.32 +31 40-247 2043 Email to Houx, I.J.C.
Huang, dr. B. OPAC UD Pav F.03 +31 40-247 2101 Email to Huang, dr. B.
Huiberts, L.M. MSc HTI OWP IPO 0.23 +31 40-247 4470 Email to Huiberts, L.M. MSc
Huijben, J.C.C.M. ITEM UD CNT 0.03 +31 40-247 5579 Email to Huijben, J.C.C.M.
Huijts, N.M.A. HTI PD IPO 1.26 +31 40-247 6037 Email to Huijts, N.M.A.
Hulscher, J.H. ITEM OBP CNT 0. Email to Hulscher, J.H.
Hulshof, I.L. MSc HPM PhD Stud. Pav J.16 +31 40-247 5211 Email to Hulshof, I.L. MSc
Hulsman - Paul, C.A. OPAC Secretary Pav E.15 +31 40-247 3503 Email to Hulsman - Paul, C.A.

Total persons: 28