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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Kalinauskaite, I. MSc HTI PhD Stud. IPO 0.22 +31 40-247 5283 Email to Kalinauskaite, I. MSc
Kalmbach, dr. K. TIS UD IPO 2.34 +31 40-247 3415 Email to Kalmbach, dr. K.
Karels, V.C.G. MSc OPAC PhD Stud. Pav F.08 +31 40-247 2951 Email to Karels, V.C.G. MSc
Karsten, F.J.P. OPAC OWP Pav F. Email to Karsten, F.J.P.
Katradi, A. HPM PhD Stud. Pav 0. Email to Katradi, A.
Kaymak, U. IS HGL Pav D.02 +31 40-247 2793 Email to Kaymak, U.
Keizer, dr. J.A. ITEM OWP CNT 1.40 +31 40-247 2659 Email to Keizer, dr. J.A.
Kemenade, R.M.H.C. van TIS Secretary IPO 0. Email to Kemenade, R.M.H.C. van
Kempen, drs. M.H. PDO IE&IS OBP IPO 0.12 +31 40-247 4481 Email to Kempen, drs. M.H.
Kersten - van Dijk, E.T. MSc HTI UD IPO 1.32 +31 40-247 2922 Email to Kersten - van Dijk, E.T. MSc
Kerstens, ir. N.M.J.M. ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 1.1.35 +31 40-247 7339 Email to Kerstens, ir. N.M.J.M.
Keskin, dr. D. ITEM UD CNT 0.14 +31 40-247 3961 Email to Keskin, dr. D.
Kiconco, R.I. HTI PhD Stud. IPO 1.20 Email to Kiconco, R.I.
Kinable, dr. J. OPAC UD Pav F.6 +31 40-247 5431 Email to Kinable, dr. J.
Kingma, prof.dr. E.M. Phil&Ethics HGL IPO 1.13 +31 40-247 5308 Email to Kingma, prof.dr. E.M.
Kirkels - van Steen, ir. A.C.J. EDU-St.Adv. OBP Pav C.15 +31 40-247 2473 Email to Kirkels - van Steen, ir. A.C.J.
Kirkels, A.F. TIS UD IPO 2.26 +31 40-247 5761 Email to Kirkels, A.F.
Kleingeld, P.A.M. HPM UD Pav J.12 +31 40-247 2751 Email to Kleingeld, P.A.M.
Knighting, C.D. PDO IE&IS OBP IPO 0.12 +31 40-247 4798 Email to Knighting, C.D.
Koca, Y. MSc OPAC PhD Stud. Pav E.1 Email to Koca, Y. MSc
Kohlrausch, prof.dr. A.G. HTI HGL IPO 1.25 +31 40-247 5413 Email to Kohlrausch, prof.dr. A.G.
Kok, prof.dr. A.G. de OPAC HGL Pav E.12 +31 40-247 3849 Email to Kok, prof.dr. A.G. de
Koliofotis, V. Phil&Ethics OWP IPO 0. Email to Koliofotis, V.
Kong, X. BSc HTI PhD Stud. IPO 0.19 +31 40-247 2236 Email to Kong, X. BSc
Korsten, dr. J.W.A. TIS OBP IPO 2.27 +31 40-247 5863 Email to Korsten, dr. J.W.A.
Kort, Y.A.W. de HTI HGL IPO 1.23 +31 40-247 5754 Email to Kort, Y.A.W. de
Kramer, drs. G.G. Research Supp. IE&IS OBP Pav A.9 +31 40-247 4576 Email to Kramer, drs. G.G.
Krift, ir. H.J.C. van der ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 1.1.35 +31 40-247 3485 Email to Krift, ir. H.J.C. van der
Kroon, I.M. Research Supp. IE&IS OBP Pav A.10 +31 40-247 3025 Email to Kroon, I.M.
Kruijff, J.T. de MSc OPAC PhD Stud. Pav E.05 +31 40-247 3978 Email to Kruijff, J.T. de MSc
Kuijpers, ing. C.P.J.M. ICT IE&IS OBP MF 1.552 +31 40-247 5224 Email to Kuijpers, ing. C.P.J.M.
Kuijpers, ir. W.L.M. EDU-St.Adv. OBP Pav C.13 +31 40-247 4650 Email to Kuijpers, ir. W.L.M.
Kumar, dr. A. TIS PD IPO 2.03 +31 40-247 3131 Email to Kumar, dr. A.
Kurdhi, N.A. MSc OPAC PhD Stud. Pav F.04 +31 40-247 4967 Email to Kurdhi, N.A. MSc
Kusters, ir. L. TIS PhD Stud. IPO 0. Email to Kusters, ir. L.
Kusters, prof.dr. R.J. IS UHD Pav D.16 +31 40-247 4076 Email to Kusters, prof.dr. R.J.

Total persons: 36