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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Parker, S.M. TIS Secretary IPO 2.35 +31 40-247 3408 Email to Parker, S.M.
Parsa, M. OPAC OWP Pav 0. Email to Parsa, M.
Parthemore, dr. J.E. Phil&Ethics OWP IPO 0. Email to Parthemore, dr. J.E.
Peeters, dr. T.J.G. ITEM OWP CNT 0.08 +31 40-247 2629 Email to Peeters, dr. T.J.G.
Peeters, drs. W.L. MBA OPAC OBP Pav K.11 Email to Peeters, drs. W.L. MBA
Peeters, ir. S.T. HTI PhD Stud. IPO 1.21 Email to Peeters, ir. S.T.
Peeters, prof.dr. M.C.W. HPM HGL Pav 0. Email to Peeters, prof.dr. M.C.W.
Peltenburg, T.A. OPAC TOIO Pav G.4 +31 40-247 3967 Email to Peltenburg, T.A.
Perrenet, dr.drs. J.C. Phil&Ethics OBP IPO 1.11 +31 40-247 5156 Email to Perrenet, dr.drs. J.C.
Persoon, P.G.J. MSc TIS PhD Stud. IPO 2.10 +31 40-247 3136 Email to Persoon, P.G.J. MSc
Perz, M. MSc HTI PhD Stud. IPO 1.20 Email to Perz, M. MSc
Peters, ir. S.P.F. IS PhD Stud. Pav K.05 +31 40-247 4266 Email to Peters, ir. S.P.F.
Petzer, B.J.M. MSc TIS PhD Stud. IPO 2.11 +31 40-247 4768 Email to Petzer, B.J.M. MSc
Pijper, dr. J.R. de HTI OBP IPO 0.97 +31 40-247 5255 Email to Pijper, dr. J.R. de
Pijs, R.P.M. † Facility Services IE&IS OBP Pav A.14 +31 40-247 4995 Email to Pijs, R.P.M. †
Ploeger, ir. J. TIS PhD Stud. IPO 2. Email to Ploeger, ir. J.
Podoynitsyna, dr. K.S. ITEM UHD CNT 0.04 +31 40-247 3640 Email to Podoynitsyna, dr. K.S.
Pourmirza, S. MSc IS OWP Pav 0.0.09a +31 40-247 8443 Email to Pourmirza, S. MSc
Pretorius, C. MA ITEM PhD Stud. CNT 0.16 +31 40-247 4701 Email to Pretorius, C. MA
Prins, A.B. PDO IE&IS Secretary Pav A.03 +31 40-247 2234 Email to Prins, A.B.
Puijenbroek, K.A.G.M. van MSc HR IE&IS OBP IPO 0.13 +31 40-247 5102 Email to Puijenbroek, K.A.G.M. van MSc

Total persons: 21