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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Raassens, dr. N. ITEM UD CNT 0.10 +31 40-247 5549 Email to Raassens, dr. N.
Rahman, B.N. EDU-Adm OBP Pav B.0.09b +31 40-247 3013 Email to Rahman, B.N.
Raiteri, E. TIS UD IPO 0. Email to Raiteri, E.
Razavian, dr. M. IS UD Pav D.08a +31 40-247 7311 Email to Razavian, dr. M.
Refaei Afshar, R. MSc IS PhD Stud. Pav 0. Email to Refaei Afshar, R. MSc
Rerimassie, V.G. LLM MA TIS PhD Stud. IPO 0. Email to Rerimassie, V.G. LLM MA
Resing - Sassen, dr. S.A.E. Board IE&IS OBP Pav A.07 +31 40-247 2502 Email to Resing - Sassen, dr. S.A.E.
Reymen, I.M.M.J. ITEM HGL CNT 0.41 +31 40-247 4283 Email to Reymen, I.M.M.J.
Rezaee Khabooshan, dr. B. OPAC PD Pav G.1 Email to Rezaee Khabooshan, dr. B.
Rhuggenaath, J.S. MSc IS PhD Stud. Pav K.0.05 +31 40-247 4075 Email to Rhuggenaath, J.S. MSc
Rispens, dr. S. HPM UD Pav J.15 +31 40-247 5935 Email to Rispens, dr. S.
Roeling, ir. M.M. EDU-Q&I OBP Pav A.45 +31 40-247 5139 Email to Roeling, ir. M.M.
Romijn, dr. H.A. TIS UHD IPO 2.17 +31 40-247 4754 Email to Romijn, dr. H.A.
Romme, prof.dr. A.G.L. ITEM HGL CNT 0.39 +31 40-247 2014 Email to Romme, prof.dr. A.G.L.
Rompen, M.E.H.A. Board IE&IS Secretary Pav A.06 +31 40-247 2635 Email to Rompen, M.E.H.A.
Rooks, dr. G. HTI UD IPO 1.31 +31 40-247 5509 Email to Rooks, dr. G.
Royakkers, L.M.M. Phil&Ethics UHD IPO 1.08 +31 40-247 4693 Email to Royakkers, L.M.M.
Ruijten, P.A.M. HTI UD IPO 1.37 +31 40-247 5213 Email to Ruijten, P.A.M.
Rutjes, H. MSc HTI PhD Stud. IPO 0.20 +31 40-247 4751 Email to Rutjes, H. MSc

Total persons: 19