Celebrating mathematics

27 August
13:00 - 17:30
MetaForum, room MF 11-12
From 07 May
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The department of Mathematics and Computer Science of TU/e opens the photo exhibition “Women of Mathematics”, by organizing an afternoon dedicated to “Celebrating Mathematics” on 27 August, 13.00 – 17.30. The event comprises talks that showcase the communication of mathematics, the popularisation of mathematics, and the impact of mathematics and closes with the opening of the photo exhibition. The invited speakers are:

Prof. Nelly Litvak on “Inclusive mathematics”.
Prof. Ionica Smeets on “How to talk about mathematics”.
Prof. Frank Thuijsman on “Math, Mind and Marriage Problems”.
Dr. Tom Verhoeff on “Mathematical Art as Problem Solving”.

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The abstracts of the presentations can be found here.