Degree structure

The Master's degree program in Computer Science and Engineering lasts 2 years. Each year of the program is divided into semesters (September to January, and February to July) and each semester is composed of two quartiles of 8 weeks each. During this time, you have lectures, followed by an examination period of two to three weeks. The program consists of the following components: 

  • compulsory courses 
  • electives 
  • research seminar 
  • final project

For more detailed information please see the education guide website.


Compulsory Courses

Within the CSE master there are three streams with different compulsory courses. 

The mandatory courses of each stream can be found on the education guide pages:


The electives prepare you for your specialization. There is a wide variety of courses to choose. Other courses, such as those from other programs, or even from other universities, are also possible if they are more appropriate to your final project. You will need permission from the Examinations Committee to take these courses, however. In some cases, you may use some of your elective courses for your homologation program in order to eliminate any gaps in your knowledge from your previous education.

Research seminar

The seminar prepares you for your final project. Each of the computer science research groups offer a seminar covering subjects typical of the specific research area.

Honors program

Two different honors programs are available for excellent students: Research CS Honors and Honors Academy. Students of all Master programs offered by the Computer Science department can apply.

Both honors programs are extracurricular, i.e., done on top of the regular Master program, that is, the EC obtained do not count towards the 120 credits you need to accumulate for your Master program.

More information about the honors programs can be obtained from the honors programs’ coordinator prof.dr. Mark de Berg, e-mail or see the education guide website. 

Opportunities for study abroad

Do you hold a Bachelor's degree obtained in the Netherlands? If so, you will be able to spend time in another country during the program. There are various options available:

  • Taking one course/courses at a university in another country
  • Undertaking an internship in another country
  • Undertaking your final project in another country

Final project

The final project of your program is of 6 months' duration and you produce it in your final semester. You will specialize in a single subject and demonstrate that you are able to organize a research project independently. You carry out the project within one of the computer science research groups, possibly in collaboration with a partner in industry.

More information can be found on the education guide website.