Matching Day for Data Science, Computer Science and Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Choosing the right study program is very important as it increases the chances of succeeding.

At TU/e we want to support your selection by verifying if the program you chose really fits. Participation in the Study choice check day (also called the matching day) is mandatory for students with a Dutch pre-university education certificate. The resulting advice, however, is not binding You are entitled to start the study program even if you have received a negative advice.
In case you pre-registered for more than one study you will still have to take part in a study choice check for each study.

All pupils who have enrolled via Studielink before May 1st will receive an invitation via e-mail for the matching days in April/June.

The invitation will also contain more information about the final enrollment.

For students with non-Dutch pre-university education, a different version of this Study Choice Check is offered.

Computer Science and Engineering

The Study Choice Check (SCC) day is a mandatory part of the admission procedure of Computer Science and Engineering as of 2017. It takes place on June 9th. It contains several parts that had to be completed before May 26th in order to be allowed to take part in the SCC day.

If you did not take all mandatory online tests you are not allowed to take part in the study choice check day on June 9th.
Consequently your preliminary registration for computer science and engineering will not be changed into a final registration which unfortunately means you cannot start this bachelor’s program in September 2017.

If you would like to object to this decision please send a mail to addressed to the Director ESA.

Those students who are switching to Computer Science and Engineering from another study program will be invited for a session with a study advisor, which will take place on August 15th
The session with a study advisor for prospective students with an individual study choice check will take place on August 17th. An exact time will be communicated by the end of June.

Mail your questions to 

Admission procedure Dutch students

  • Registration in Studielink 
  • After registration in Studielink you will receive an invitation by e-mail to register for the SCC day.
  • Register for the SCC day.
  • All who registered in Studielink before March 14 will receive another e-mail between March 20-24 with links to online tests that need to be completed before April 1st.
    All others will receive a mail between May 2-10. Make sure to check your spam box.
  • Complete the online tests before April 1st or before May 19th for the SCC day on June 9th.
  • Come to the SCC day on April 22nd, or June 9th if you registered in Studielink after March 14th
  • At the SCC day you will take two more tests, a Calculus test and a Logic test
  • At the SCC you will receive an advisory report, informing you if we believe this study suits you.
  • Please note that this advice is not binding, you can still come and study this program even if the advice is negative.


Data Science Study Choice Check Day

The Study Choice Check days took place on April 10th in Eindhoven, on April 13th in Tilburg, and on June 8th  2017 in Eindhoven.

You are expected to take part in the introduction week of the university you enrolled in, either in Tilburg, or in Eindhoven, if your application has been approved.

In the last week of August there will be a mandatory two day event for all data science students. More information about this will follow.

If you have any doubts or questions please contact the study advisor via

Applied Mathematics Study Choice Check Day

The dates of the Study Choice Checks were April 11, April 12, and June 13 2017. If you have any questions about the Study Choice Check please send an email to

You will have received an invitation for the first study choice check days on April 11 and 12 between March 6-8 from above mail address. Please check your spam box too. The invitation contains a link to our registration site so you can register for April 11 or 12.