Digital learning and work environment

The technical University Eindhoven has a combination of systems that support students in their education.

Al these systems can be accessed through MyTU/e, the personal portal. MyTU/e is like a starting page, offering a clear overview of all the information you need for your study program. After logging in once you are automatically logged into all the systems and can easily click to access the system or website you need. In MyTU/e you can find the following education systems.


In the student information system OSIRIS you will find all your official student data. From your grades, to your study progress and you address, from the moment you apply to the moment you graduate.


In the Learning Management System Canvas you will find everything you need for your classes. Per course you will find for example a study guide, class material, assignments, feedback or course announcements.


You use the PlanApp to make a personal study program and planning. You will find tools for creating a concept plan and information to prepare your program for the next year.


In MyTimeTable you will find your course- and exam timetables. You can access these timetables in MyTimeTable, via the calendar tile in MyTU/e, or by syncing with your own calendar in Outlook, Google Calendar or iCalendar.