Playing Sport on the Campus

In top condition for 88 euro per year!

Are you a sports fanatic? Or just want to keep fit? If so, you'll certainly feel at home at the Eindhoven University of Technology! Sport is an important part of life in Eindhoven and at the university. The Students' Sport Center on the TU/e campus offers modern and extensive facilities. Fancy a virtual tour of the Students' Sport Center?

Extensive Facilities

Lots of sport takes place in and around the Students' Sport Center on the TU/e campus. The sport center has the most extensive facilities of all Dutch universities. You can participate in all activities in the academic year with your 88 euro sports card. For membership of a student sport association you will be asked to pay a contribution. Lots of students' sports associations take part in national competitions.

Ingrid Nieuwenhuijsen
Master's student of Construction Management & Engineering:

"I play water polo with the Eindhoven Students' Water polo and Swimming Association ‘Nayade'. I chose it because I really want to practice a sport that allows me to let off steam, when I'm not studying. You play water polo in a team, which helps you meet lots of other students quickly. The sports center provides every facility you can possibly imagine. Of course I'm in the pool a lot, but there's also a sauna, a sun bank and various sport and gym halls. I can use anything I like, at a low student rate."