Are you under 18?

If you are not yet 18 years old when arranging to join TU/e there are a couple of issues that we would like to inform you about.


If you have not turned 18, and you do not have a Dutch bank account, TU/e is unable to arrange insurance for you. When we arrange insurance, this must be linked to the student’s Dutch bank account.
You can however arrange your own insurance via the website of the insurance company AON

Our advice would be to arrange insurance for the period until you turn 18. From your 18th birthday onwards, we can arrange insurance for you, allowing you to pay in monthly installments. If you arrange your insurance for the period that you have not yet turned 18 yourself via AON, you will need to pay this period in 1 installment. Once you have requested us to arrange this for you from your 18th birthday onwards, payment would be in installments.
Please note that it is mandatory in the Netherlands to have sufficient health and liability insurance!

Opening a Dutch bank account

In order to open a bank account in the Netherlands, students must be 18 years or older.
This means that we would be unable to open a bank account for you if you are not yet 18 years old.

A suggestion is that perhaps your parents or other trusted adult could open a Dutch bank account for you. If this is not a possibility, unfortunately you can then only open a bank account in the Netherlands on the day you turn 18. Until that time, you would not have a Dutch bank account.


Students under 18 years of age can only obtain student housing from Vestide, Friendly Housing and Camelot.

Landlords request that parents/legal guardian are present for signing the rental agreement.

Landlords may also apply other conditions to tenants under 18 years of age.