Bank account

The International office will open a bank account for you at the Dutch bank, Rabobank.

Before we can arrange this you are required to fill in a tax registration form. Full information regarding this requirement is included here:  the Rabobank CRS form.

Please make sure that you read the information carefully and if you have any questions on the CRS form, please contact the Rabobank directly on Please note that the completed form should be scanned and sent to the Rabobank email address.

If you are under the age of 18 you must email the following details of one of your parents directly to the bank as well:
- Initials
- Last name
- Date of birth
- Gender
- Living address
- Email addres

TU/e will email you all the details of your new Dutch bank account a few weeks before you arrive in Eindhoven. During the Registration Day of Intro or Master kick-off you will sign for your new bank account. You will get your bank card that day as well with which you are able to deduct money form an ATM.

Don't forget to check with your home bank how money can be transferred from that bank account to your new Dutch bank account at the Rabobank.

Extra Information

- If you already have a Dutch bank account, please fill in the bank account details when filling in the confirmation statement. We will then not open one for you.

- The remaining money of your guarantee fee (and the proof of financial funds) will be in the Dutch bank account that we will open for you before the Intro starts.

- If you have transferred money to your Dutch bank account while you are still abroad we cannot check for you if it is in the account. You can only do that yourself after arrival in the Netherlands.