Housing for exchange students

How to apply for housing

Exchange students must complete a Student Application Form. This form includes applications for housing. The form can be obtained from the contact person at the respective TU/e department. You must return the Student Application Form to your contact person at the respective TU/e department at least 10 weeks before your arrival.

TU/e can only guarantee housing for a limited number of exchange students. If housing cannot be guaranteed, you will receive a message from the department handling your application. You find more information and tips on how to find accommodation yourself here.

What happens after we have received your application?

When we receive your application for housing, we will send you an e-mail.

All exchange students receive a rental agreement for the period of one semester. If you stay for two semesters, the agreement can be extended at the end of the first semester. The start and end date of the semester rental periods are mentioned on Annex II of the exchange application form. The rent for the full semester must be paid in advance. The rent for one semester is approx. € 2000 to €2400.

If your accommodation is arranged with Vestide/Friendly Housing, you will receive an email from Vestide/Friendly Housing a few weeks before your arrival. This email will contain a login name and password, with which you need to login to the website of Vestide/Friendly Housing. You can then select the accommodation of your preference from the available accommodation listed on the website. Please read the housing conditions for accommodation with Vestide/Friendly Housing for the full procedure.

If your accommodation is arranged with another agency, you will receive an e-mail with your new address in Eindhoven, information on your rent and deposit, on how to pay these costs, and on when and where you can collect your keys a few weeks before your arrival.Please note that it is not possible to request accommodation with a specific housing agency. You cannot view your room beforehand. However, if you have any questions about the room that has been offered to you, you can contact the International Relations Office.

Exchange students are offered housing with shared facilities. This means you have a private room, but you share the bathroom and kitchen with other students. in the Netherlands it is common for boys and girls to live together in a student house. There is no separate accommodation for boys or girls.



Other ways to find housing

TU/e can only guarantee housing for a limited number of exchange students. If housing cannot be guaranteed, you will receive a message about this from the faculty that handles your application. Click here for more information on how to look for housing yourself.