Rent Committee

Tenants have rights

In the Netherlands, tenants’ rights are well-protected. If you’re wondering whether you’re paying too much rent, whether the services included in your service costs are actually provided, or when you feel your landlord doesn’t properly handle your complaint, you can take action. In some cases, you can effect a rent reduction and get some of your money back. Even if the service charges of your former renter were too high and you moved, you still have rights.


Rent Committee

The most important aid agency is the Rent Committee (Huurcommissie in Dutch). This independent committee establishes guidelines for both tenants and landlords and acts as a mediator in disputes. You can check whether the rent you pay is reasonable via the grading system for accommodations established by the Rent Committee. In a dispute between tenant and landlord, the rental committee will investigate the dispute and pronounce a verdict on the base of their findings. The verdict of the rental committee is binding.


A procedure with the Rental Committee is bound to legal fees. When you are a tenant and you start a procedure with the Rental Committee you need to pay 25 Euro. For landlords the fee is 450 euro. This is advance money: the winning party gets its fee back. It’s best to start a legal procedure within six months after the start of your contract period. Should the verdict of the Rent Committee be in your favor, you will be granted a rent reduction as well as a refund on the first six months’ rent. After six months you’ll only get the rent reduction.


On the website of the Rent Committee ,, you can find information about different procedures you can start and documents needed for these procedures. Unfortunately the information on this website is only available in Dutch.

Contact information Rent Committee

Website:    (only in Dutch)

Phone number:               0800 - 488 72 43

Postal address: Huurcommissie

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