Visa & residence permit

If you need a visa and/or residence permit, TU/e will arrange a priority application for you. For nationals from Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan this priority application is not possible. This to strict legal regulations. The visa procedure can take several months.

After we have received and processed the documents and the payments, the visa and/or residence permit application will be send to the Dutch Immigration Service (IND). It will take about 4 weeks before the IND will inform us about the outcome of your application. We will inform you by email when your visa is approved. If you are granted a visa you should then contact the Dutch embassy and make an appointment to finalize your visa. The embassy will collect your passport and it will take about 1 working week to get your passport back, complete with the visa sticker. 

We are only able to apply for a visa for students who have been admitted to a TU/e program. Regretably we are unable to apply for a visa for partners or family members.

Do you need a visa or residence permit?

We will contact you by sending you a confirmation email approximately 3 months before the start of your TU/e program to arrange visa, residence permit, housing and other administrative matters. 

Please do not submit the payments and documents mentioned below before you have received this email. 

All students requiring a visa and/or residence permit, must submit (when notified by the TU/e international office) ALL of the following:

1. TU/e Guarantee payment

2. Proof of sufficient funds - For the application of your visa and/or residence permit you need to prove to the Dutch Immigration service (IND) that you have sufficient finances to fund the living costs of your first year at TU/e. You must therefore be able to prove that you have at least €10,500 available to you. This is in addition to the guarantee fee mentioned above.
Click here for full information on how to prove to the IND that you have sufficient funds.

3. Copies of your passport - Your passport must be valid until at least October 1, 2019. Even if you have already sent a copy of your passport with your application, please submit ALL the pages in your passport that contain information. Empty pages do NOT need to be submitted.

4. Antecedent form - In order to arrange your visa to enter the Netherlands and your residence permit you will need to submit an Antecedent form. Please read, sign and submit this form.

5. Passport photo, signature and fingerprints - As of 2014 the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service requires a passport photo, signature and fingerprints from the person applying for a residence permit. The procedure for arranging these can be found here.  

6. Copy residence permit - If you only need a residence permit and you already have one from another Schengen country, you must submit a copy of this permit as well. Keep in mind that the residence permit must be valid for at least the first 3 months of your study at TU/e.

7. Where and how to send the documents to? - The copy of your passport, Antecedent form, (if applicable) proof of scholarship other than ALSP and (if applicable) copy residence permit need to be uploaded in the confirmation statement.

Further information

  • A certified copy of your birth certificate is not necessary for the visa application, but will be required once you arrive in the Netherlands. You need the birth certificate to be able to register as a citizen of Eindhoven at the town hall, which is necessary for your residence permit and for your enrollment at TU/e. We will remind you of this nearer to your arrival in Eindhoven.
  • The visa procedure takes approx. 4 weeks and we will inform you when your visa is approved and inform you about further steps that need to be taken.
  • Students with the Chinese nationality must also arrange a Nuffic certificate. Without this your visa cannot be granted. After the Nuffic certificate has been approved, TU/e will get a copy automatically. Please start the application soon, because it will take a while before it has been approved (especially in the summer months).
  • Check carefully if the embassy you select is allowed to hand out visa. Check this website for more information:
  • We recommend that students do not book their journey to the Netherlands before the visa has been confirmed. We do however realise that in order to take advantage of early booking discounts, students may choose to book before the visa is confirmed. This is of course at the student's own risk.
  • If you only need a residence permit we highly recommend you to arrange the application before your arrival as well. The process takes a couple of weeks and without the approval of the application you cannot arrange the necessary arrangements that need to be done after your arrival (e.g. registration town hall, enrolment).
  • As soon as we have received and processed the payments/scholarship contract you will receive an email. Because of the amount that needs to be processed, it can take a couple of days before you hear from us.
  • the fee for the visa and/or residence permit application is the same: € 192.