Travelling to Eindhoven

Travelling from Schiphol Airport to Eindhoven Central Station

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has a train station directly underneath it. When you come out of arrivals, head for Schiphol Plaza (a large indoor area with shops, restaurants and public transport). You will see signs "To the trains".
  • Trains depart from Schiphol Airport to Eindhoven at least twice per hour.
    There is a direct train at 16 minutes and 46 minutes past each hour from 06:16 hrs in the morning to 19:16 in the evening. There are however trains to Eindhoven practically all day and most of the night (although they may not be direct).
  • We recommend that you take a direct train to Eindhoven as this saves you having to change trains with all your luggage.
  • A single 2nd class journey from Schiphol to Eindhoven costs €20.10.
  • The journey takes roughly 1½ hours.

Full information is available from or in this brochure.

For an informative film about the train journey from Schiphol Airport to Eindhoven please check out the film clip on this page. Just remember when watching the film that the train times mentioned in the film are no longer up to date. The correct times are mentioned on this page.

Please be aware that:

  • if you use the ticket machines at Schiphol make sure you check that you press the button for a 2nd class ticket.
  • there are conductors on most trains checking all tickets.



Travelling from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Central Station

There is a bus service from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Central Station. For more information check out here.
You can also take a taxi. You will find taxi’s parked outside the airport. Obviously a taxi is considerably more expensive.