Eat and drink

Pubs a plenty

There’s no shortage of pubs, nightlife and culture in Eindhoven. If you don’t know what the options are, check out the list below.


Dance, drink and flirt all night long: then Stratumseind is the place to be. Whatever your music preference, the 50 pubs and clubs on this one nightlife street cater to all tastes and is famous in Eindhoven and beyond. Another positive aspect is the ratio of men and women here – much more balanced than at the university. Pubs that attract a lot of students are 't Lempke, Café Thomas, De Spijker, Thuys and Costa.

The Market Square

All that’s needed is a bit of sunshine and the market square fast fills up with tables and chairs. A great place for students to hang out, too. Although the rest of the year it’s not really much for students since the pub meals are not very special and a bit pricey for students.

Stationsplein & Dommelstraat

Whether you like Mexican tortillas, Argentine grilled meat, Spanish tapas or Italian pasta: you’ll find something you like here. The Trafalgar Pub is popular for all its different types of beer and the cheap menu. You can always find surprising cocktails at Café Mundial if that’s your thing.


Hubble Community Café is a lively hotspot on campus, open seven days a week. Food & beverages for friendly prices in an informal setting. In summer, Hubble offers a sunny terrace with a view on the Dommel. During winter, the café offers a warm living room for its visitors. Hubble is by and for students and employees, but open to everyone. Our motto is “everything is possible, nothing is too crazy”. This is the perfect location for associations and departments to organize activities and drinks.

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 08.00h – 02.00h
Weekend: 11.00h – 02.00h

Vrijstraat, Kleine Berg & Wilhelminaplein

Had enough of Stratumseind, then walk on over via the Vrijstraat to Kleine Berg and the Wilhelminaplein where you can find other possibilities like alternative lounge bars with a lot of designer types, cheap bar food and luxury restaurants as well as old-fashioned pubs. You’ll find the average age of people there five to ten years higher.

Studium Generale (Gaslab)

To elevate the minds of the student population is the task of Studium Generale at TU/e. It organizes cultural activities for students, like lectures, discussions, workshops, films and theater shows. The musical and theater shows take place in the Gaslab, a TU/e campus lab converted into a theater. Entry is usually free or cheap.

De Zwarte Doos

De Zwarte Doos is a Grand Café and movie theater on the campus periphery where you can watch the better quality films for €3 without all the disturbance of munching and crunching all around you. Studium Generale and Natlab are responsible for the film program. You can also take lunch here. There is free wifi and in the summer, the café patio fills up quickly.


This pop stage on the Dommelstraat attracts well-known bands and lesser-known talent. On Saturday evenings there are often 80's & 90’s parties or the more original DJ’s to get the party going. Occasionally there are comedy theater events. You can also get food here for a reasonable price.


‘Natlab’ is the Eindhoven movie theater where you can see art house films and affordable theater productions. Meals are reasonably priced and vegetarians also have plenty of choice.

Area 51

Of course, you can skate all day long in the enormous hall in Strijp-S for just €5 (a 10-day card costs €40). But don’t forget to check the agenda now and then because a lot goes on here. New bands and alternative DJ’s regularly fill the hall with happy noise.

The Park Theater

The Park Theater has a full and fascinating program of dance, cabaret and stage performances. Students can get a big discount if they buy last-minute tickets (from 1 hour before the performance begins) at the counter.

Frits Philips Music Center

A more formal musical pleasure, seated and no drinks allowed inside, can be enjoyed at the Frits Philips Music Center where famous symphony orchestras and internationally renowned pop and jazz artists take the stage.

Temporary Art Center (TAC)

Tens of artists, designers and theater producers are affiliated to the Eindhoven Temporary Art Center opposite the PSV stadium. There are changing exhibitions, performances and installations from all kinds of artists and you can rent a studio quite cheaply. On Thursdays and Fridays you can get a three-course biological vegetarian dinner for less than €15.

Van Abbemuseum

The permanent collection of this museum of modern art comprises almost 2700 works from home and abroad. Admire Chagall, Kokoschka, Lissitzky, Beuys and McCarthy, among others. There are also changing exhibitions of well-known contemporary artists. Not convinced? Take a tour. Thursday evenings entry is free of charge.