Student associations

Eindhoven is a city of students, with around 21,000 of them attending TU/e and the Fontys University of Applied Science. And, of course, the students not only attend lectures and classes in Eindhoven. They live here. They play sports here. They work here and go out and have fun here. In Eindhoven there are a lot of associations they can join.

Student Centers
Luna is a meeting place for all (international) students. It is where many student associations are based, such as international student organizations. The associations jointly ensure that there's always something happening. They organize concerts and tours, for example, and hold musical evenings, dances and film nights.

Common Room
The Common Room at the MetaForum building is a meeting place for (inter)national students and staff to meet with each other outside studies and work and where all kinds of cultural and social events are organized. For more information about the Common Room and its activities please take a look at its Facebook site.

Cultural student center
Scala is the cultural student center in Luna. It is home to the cultural students associations, and is a place where they can rehearse until the small hours and at weekends. And once they are satisfied, they go into the city or onto the TU/e campus to show what they can do. Several associations for different types of cultural activities are housed in Luna. These include:

  • a classical music club (Quadrivium)
  • a big band (Studentproof)
  • a dance club (Footloose)
  • a theatre group (Doppio)
  • a photography club (Dekata Mousa)
  • a pop music group (Modern)
  • a Japanese cultural club (KinJin)
  • the Eindhoven students' role players (Knights of the Kitchen Table)

For more information take look at

Study associations
At TU/e every study program has its own study association; a club intended for and organized by students with the aim of making student life as enjoyable and instructive as possible. These associations organize excursions and foreign study trips, often in partnership with the department in which you are studying. But you can also buy your study books at a discount through your study association, and there are always students in later study years who can tell you exactly what you have to watch out for in your study, and what you can look forward to. And once again, these are active associations that also organize parties and sports events.

International associations
TU/e has a wide variety of student associations. Each has its own atmosphere, customs and activities. Just take a look to see which one of them appeals to you. The international associations at TU/e are AEGEE, BEST, IEEE, ISN/e, ASU, ESTIEM, Cosmos and ACSSE.