Other Scholarships for MSc students

The International Office of the TU/e has compiled information on a number of scholarships available to international students applying for TU/e Master's programs.

The list below indicates which nationalities are eligible for which scholarships and the application deadlines. You can access more information on each scholarship by clicking on the scholarship name.

International students requiring a scholarship to be able to study at the TU/e may find other sources of funding via Grantfinder. The Grantfinder is a search engine for scholarships available for study in the Netherlands. Another search engine for scholarships is the European Commission site www.scholarshipportal.eu.

Please note
When you apply for any scholarship make sure you inform the scholarship provider of the full and correct TU/e tuition fee!
The tuition fee for the academic year 2017-2018 is € 10,000 for non-European Bachelor’s students, and € 15,000 for non-European Master’s students. For all European students, the tuition fee is € 2,006. If your scholarship doesn’t cover the entire tuition fee, you will be required to pay the difference in order to enroll at TU/e.


Overview of scholarships
Scholarship nameAvailable to nationals of which countries
Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems SELECTNationals of all countries
Smart Electrical Networks and Systems SENSENationals of all countries

EIT Digital Master School


Nationals of all countries
The Global Study AwardsNationals of all countries

KOP (formerly known as NFP)

ASML technology scholarshipNationals of all countries
Sino-Dutch Bilateral Exchange Scholarship China

Orange Tulip Scholarship




Several other international organizations may offer financial support for study abroad. UNESCO, UNDP, Unido, the World Bank, OECDthe Asian Development Bank and/or the European Union may have an office in your country or else can be contacted through their main office.

There is also a scholarship providing students with a travel grant to explore Europe whilst studying here. You cannot use this scholarship to fund your studies at TU/e, but this scholarship does give you a great opportunity to get to know Europe during your free time! More information on GoEuro.