Requirements pertaining to tuition fees

Requirements concerning nationality:

  1. You are a national of an EU member state or Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Suriname, or
  2.  You are a national of another state but your residence permit entitles you to a student grant. In order to establish whether this applies to you, you can use the nationality questionnaire on the IB group website.

If your residence permit entitles you to receive a student grant, please send us a copy of the letter from the DUO-IB Group stating this.

Previous degrees or diplomas

The law stipulates that if you do not yet hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you may be eligible for the statutory rate of tuition fees. If you apply for a Bachelor’s degree program when you already hold a Bachelor’s degree, you will have to pay the institute rate. This is also the case if you apply for a Master’s degree program and you already hold a Master’s degree. Study programs in the fields of health care and education are excepted from this regulation.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, TU/e has determined that for students who enroll for a second degree, the institute rate is equal to the statutory rate provided that the requirements concerning nationality are fulfilled.