Payment tuition fee

Tuition fee payments will preferably take place through a standing order. In that case, students can choose between paying the total fee in one payment or paying in five installments. Payment of tuition fees can take place in three different ways:

  • Standing order
  • Deposit
  • Exemption

Standing order

If the tuition fee is paid by standing order, the enrollment will be finalized once the registration form and the signed standing order form have been processed. Students will then receive a student card and/or the appropriate proof of enrollment as soon as possible.

You can authorize the TU/e to debit your tuition fees from a Dutch bank account, either in the form of a one-off direct debit for the full amount, or a standing order for the fees to be transferred in five installments. If you pay in installments, you will be charged a €24 administration fee, which will be debited from your account with the first installment. If you enroll after the start of the academic year, you may no longer pay by a one-off direct debit. You will be able to participate in the standing order. However, you will have to pay any outstanding amount (i.e. not covered by the remaining installments, and including administration fee) by bank transfer or EFT payment at the service desk from STU. As soon as the outstanding amount has been received, your enrollment can be completed.

From the end of June, 2017, you can arrange the authorization for your tuition fee for the 2016-2017 academic year through Studielink. If you submit your enrollment application with the payment option ‘digital authorization’, you need to confirm this authorization afterwards in Studielink. You can find the option for confirming the digital authorization under ‘My enrollments’, and clicking the button ‘Payment actions’. The ‘Confirm digital authorization’ option only becomes visible if you have received a message from Studielink that you must confirm your digital authorization. By confirming the authorization, the account holder agrees to the conditions stated on our website.


You may elect to transfer the full tuition fee to the TU/e’s bank account number. If you opt to do this, please transfer the full tuition fee to the following account number: NL86RABO0150183704. Please specify it is in the name of Technische Universiteit Eindhoven/Eindhoven University of Technology and include your initials, surname and date of birth. If you are already registered at the TU/e and have a student ID number, please include this as well.

PLEASE NOTE: the enrolment can only be complete when the full tuition fee amount is deposited in the abovementioned account!! In case the tuition fee is paid by an organization that wishes to receive an invoice, the option “overschrijving/ storting” (transfer/ deposit) must be checked on the form. A request for an invoice must be added to the registration form. Creating and processing invoices will take place externally (so not by the STU), and also through accounts that do not belong to the STU. Please make sure you do not transfer tuition fee amounts to the tuition fees Bank account number if you have requested an invoice. This is to avoid double payments.

If you want to pay the tuition fee by international bank transfer you probably will need the following information:

  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  • TU/e Collegegelden
  • Eindhoven
  • IBAN : NL 86 RABO 01501837 04

Please note that some foreign banks will deduct administrative costs!