(Inter-)national partnerships

TU/e highly values the international exchange of knowledge and actively encourages its department members, researchers and students to work together with colleagues in other countries. This helps to strengthen our international competitiveness and reputation. At TU/e you will experience a strong international study and work climate.

Cooperation with international universities
TU/e has many international partnerships, for instance with the National University of Singapore, in China with Zhejiang University in Hangzou,  North Eastern University in Shenyang, and with the Jiao Tong University and Fudan University in Shanghai. We also work with the International Institutes of Information Technology in Bangalore and Hyderabad and with the Manipal Academy of Higher Education. In addition, we have good contacts in the US with the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and NorthWestern University in Chicago, in Australia with the RMIT University Melbourne and in Turkey with Middle East Technical University. In short, TU/e offers you an interesting network in the field of education and research. And as a student you can reap the benefits.

European Networks
TU/e participates in many European Union programs and has membership of European networks of leading universities of technology, such as CLUSTER, Santander Group and the EuroTech Universities (with TU Munich,  Denmark TU and EPFL of Switzerland).

Cooperation with European universities
Within Europe TU/e cooperates with many universities, including the  Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, the University of Aachen in Germany and, in the context of a strategic alliance, with the Technical University of Denmark in Denmark and Technische Universität in Munich, Germany. Agreements have also been reached with many other European universities under the Erasmus / Socrates program and the Erasmus Mundus program. This makes TU/e a university with a real European and global dimension.

Cooperation with Dutch universities
Within the Netherlands, too, TU/e works closely with other universities, including the two other Dutch technology universities (in the 3TU.Federation) and with the University of Maastricht, Radboud University Nijmegen and University of Utrecht.

The three universities of technology in the Netherlands - Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology and the University of Twente - have joined forces in the 3TU.Federation. This federation maximizes innovation by combining and concentrating the strengths of all three universities in research, education and knowledge transfer. Within the framework of this cooperation, five joint MSc programs have been developed that address key issues in engineering and society.

TU/e and University of Maastricht
TU/e maintains close links with the University of Maastricht. The Bachelor and Master programs of the Department of Biomedical Engineering are catered for in cooperation with the University of Maastricht and the Maastricht university medical center. The engineering subjects are taught by TU/e lecturers while the biological and medical knowledge comes from the University of Maastricht and the Maastricht University Medical Center.

TU/e and Radboud University Nijmegen
TU/e cooperates with the Radboud University Nijmegen in the field of education and research. Students within the chemical engineering & chemistry and physics programs are able to follow nano-engineering subjects at both universities.

TU/e and University of Utrecht
TU/e cooperates with the University of Utrecht and the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) by investing in joint research, the appointment of professors and enabling students to follow the education of the three institutions. The focus in the cooperation lies on sustainable energy, medical image processing, stem cells and regenerative medicine.