Bachelor programs Web Science and Software Science merged

As of September 2017 the separate majors Web Science and Software Science will be combined in the major Computer Science and Engineering. All staff and students have been informed of this change. Current students will be able to finish their Web Science or Software Science major until August 31, 2020 as the programs currently are.

The new major Computer Science and Engineering contains elements from both major but will have a more coherent structure than the current majors. With electives students can still choose profiles that are similar to the current majors Web Science and Software Science.

According to the program director Marloes van Lierop the pressure on the staff will be reduced by combining the majors and is also related to the planned numerus fixus of the bachelor program that is scheduled to be introduced in 2018.
Van Lierop: “We have a limited capacity, both of the support staff and the scientific staff due to the enormous increase of new students. However, this change was also necessary to improve the program.”

Both the M&CS departmental council and the program director had a positive response to the proposed changes although the departmental council did at first not agree with the elimination of the Web Science major.

Former Web Science student and departmental council member Bor de Kock, currently a master student Digital Security had his doubts. “At this moment I am positive about the new program” says De Kock. “There were a number of things that were not optimal and have now been improved, for example the sequence of subjects has been adjusted and the base of mandatory subjects will be broader which is a good thing.”

De Kock hopes that it will be possible as of January to correctly inform the prospective students about this new major, “so we will still attract the type of student that would have chosen Web Science before.”


Source: Cursor