Prof. Tanja Lange awarded best Master lecturer 2016

Tanja Lange won the prize for Best Master Lecturer 2016, during the Opening Academic year.

Innovation and Imagination

Master course Cryptology (partially) is about the cutting edge of the crypto-research. To inspire students, Mrs. Lange often invites other researchers to talk about their projects and work.

Inspiration and Enthusiasm

Mrs. Lange succeeds to let many students pass her difficult course, because of her catchy enthusiasm about her stories from her discipline and enthusiastic way of storytelling. Not only the mathematical side is exposed, but also the capacity to put the cryptosystems in practice and to understand what is potentially wrong, which makes her lecturers quite interactive. Despite the large student group she knows many students personally.


Despite her busy schedule and traveling a lot, she somehow manages to reply most of her e-mails in time and makes time to answer questions in the lecture room before and after the courses. She also makes time available for capita selecta or other study related initiatives.

Organization of Lectures

In 45 minutes, Mrs. Lange writes exactly 2 chalkboards full with her notes and drawings and afterwards the pictures from the chalkboard will be published online. In case of special presentations from herself or her colleague researcher it is mostly with slides or a handout.


Mrs. Lange’s humor during and after her lecturers is mostly a little sarcastic and sometimes self-mockery.


Congratulations Tanja!