Best Data Showcase contribution award for Jeroen Noten, Josh Mengerink, and Alexander Serebrenik

During the 14th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2017) in Buenos Aires, the paper Jeroen Noten (M&CS alumnus), Josh Mengerink (M&CS PhD), and Alexander Serebrenik (M&CS Associate Professor) submitted, has been selected as Best Data Showcase contribution. They received the award for their paper, titled “A Data Set of OCL Expressions on GitHub”. In addition, they have been invited to elaborate the paper for a journal submission, which is exceptional for Data Showcase papers.

The purpose of the Data Showcase is to provide a forum to share and discuss important data sets that underpin the work of the Mining Software Repositories community: “Data Showcase papers should describe data sets that are curated by their authors and made available to use by others. Ideally, these data sets should be of value to others in the community, should be preprocessed or filtered in some way, and should provide an easy-to-understand schema“, according to the MSR 2017 organization.

In their paper, Noten, Mengerink, and Serebrenik presented the first publicly available data set of OCL expressions. Object Constraint Language (OCL) is a language used to express constraints and operations on meta-models, which are the central artifacts in model driven engineering. This data set facilitates empirical research into the OCL on a larger scale than has been done so far.