TU/e is working on safer and more efficient traffic

A European research project, in which TU Eindhoven is one of the main partners, is going to work on making traffic safer, more comfortable and more efficient. In order to make this possible, technology will be developed in this project that provides automated communication between vehicles, and between vehicles and their surrounding infrastructure: Cooperative-Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS). To carry out this project, the consortium of 37 partners received a grant of 12.5 million from the European subsidy program Horizon 2020.
The goal of the project is creating one network of automatically connected cars, lorries, public transportation vehicles, vulnerable road users, emergency vehicles, and their surrounding infrastructure such as traffic lights. A network which enables giving real-time advice to road users on their optimal route, driving speed and choice of traffic lane, or warn them for an approaching ambulance or another vehicle ignoring a red light. All in order to create traffic that is safer, more efficient and more comfortable.
Contribution of TU/e on the project
The consortium of 37 international partners is going to work on this in a project named C-MobILE. Researchers of the TU/e department of Mathematics & Computer Science, the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, as well as the Strategic Research Area Smart Mobility are involved in this project. Within the TU/e C-MobILE is coordinated by dr. Yanja Dajsuren and dr. Oktay Türetken. Mark van den Brand (M&CS) and Paul Grefen (IE&IS) are involved as full professors.
The researchers and technological designers of the PDEng ST program of TU/e will provide an essential contribution to the development of the C-ITS reference architecture (the set of principles, guidelines and / or examples from which software can be developed) and technical interfaces, design collaborative business models, define practical situations, and evaluate already developed architecture and interfaces. 
Test sites in Eindhoven
The Brainport region is one of eight European test sites for the C-MobILE project. Three test sites in this region are available for the project. These are the crossing of the Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan on the route between the Eindhoven railway station and the TU/e Campus, the junction of 18 Septemberplein and Emmasingel, and the junction of Wolvendijk and Eisenhowerlaan. On those three test sites is going to be examined which types of C-ITS function in different groups of vulnerable road users.