Organization & Contact

The DSC/e is organized as a virtual center, with a small own staff. This team runs the daily operations and initiates and stimulates the research programs. The scientific research itself is done in and by the different member groups.

Mark Mietus 

Director Operations ✆ +31 6 4492 0997 

Patricia Knubben 

Communication / Secretary
+31 40 247 4233


On higher level the DSC/e is managed by a board, who discuss the overall direction every month. Members are key involved researchers from all involved departments:

Uzay Kaymak (IE&IS)

Mark Mietus (M&CS)





Steering Group

At least twice a year, the DSC/e meets with de steering board, to discuss progress, roadblock and the general way forward. This ensures and strengthens our link to the strategic direction of the TU/e.

Wil van der Aalst 

Scientific Director 

Joos Buijs 

Program Manager

Henriëtte de Haas 

 +31 40 247 4233








Erik van der Spek (ID, ad interim)








Peter Hilbers (BMT)