Vision and Mission


The Data Science Center Eindhoven (DSC/e) is TU/e’s response to these challenges and possibilities. By bringing top scientists and students from over thirty research groups from different TU/e departments together on specific topics, we can tackle the most challenging scientific and societal challenges.

As we are based in the Brainport region, cooperating across organizational boundaries is our second nature. We have connections to world class researchers across the world, but also with (local) governments, knowledge institutes and companies (from SMEs to large multinationals). The DSC/e acts as a catalyst and as a portal to connect different parties and competences in this emerging scientific discipline.


The DSC/e has a simple, threefold mission:

We act as a window to the world. This has two directions: interested external parties can easily reach us in order to investigate potential cooperation possibilities. On the other hand, the DSC/e label and organization can be used by TU/e groups to communicate about our joint strength towards other parties.

We support our scientists in obtaining funding. This is mainly done through managing a number of research programs. In these programs researchers from different groups all work from their own expertise on commonly interesting challenges.

We act as a meeting place, where new interesting ideas are born. Due to the nature of scientific research we normally ‘go deep’ within one’s own discipline. However, many cool things happen at the interface, so we organize lectures and other event to exchange ideas.