Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance Workshop: "How to model and exploit warnings"

20 February
13:00 - 15:00
Research Program Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance

In manufacturing and maintenance, we would love to get perfect prediction of which components will break or where a problem will occur in production. However, in multiple research projects, we see that we get imperfect indications of upcoming problems. We call them warnings. When we get such warnings, we are (very) unsure that a problem will really occur, and a problem is not always preceded by a warning. As researchers, we need to model these warnings in some way.

In this meeting, multiple researchers will present what they did regarding warnings (imperfect indications). We will discuss questions like:

  • How is this done in various projects?
  • What kind of models and methods are used to study how these warnings can be used?
  • What is the value of these warnings? 

We hope to discover a 'red line', and may also have a discussion on advantages and disadvantages of different ways for the modelling of warnings. We invited already some researchers to present their experience. If you have also a relevant project where warnings play a significant role, and would like to present your experience, or for further information, please contact us.


The meeting will start at 12.00 with a lunch, for those interested.

13:00   Introduction by Geert-Jan van Houtum

13:10   Project presentations

  • Warning Modeling by Alp Akcay
  • Productive 4.0 by Mike Holenderski / Vlado Menkovski
  • Daisy4Offshore by Alessandro Di Bucchianico / Stella Kapodistria
  • Multi-item spare parts inventory control by Geert-Jan van Houtum

14:30   Wrap up & discussion