Deep Learning WIC mid-winter event

24 January
10:00 - 17:00
Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven
From 20 December
Prof.dr. Peter H.N. de With, Dr. Gijs Dubbelman (TU/e, VCA)

The WIC, together with the IEEE Benelux Chapter on Information Theory, is inviting you to join their mid-winter event on the topic of Deep Learning on January 24. Deep Learning has achieved significant breakthroughs in many fields of pattern recognition and especially in computer vision. Instead of relying on expert-designed data representations, deep learning learns an optimal data representation for a specific task. Thereby it has shown to outperform many expert-designed pattern recognition approaches and for some challenging tasks it even surpasses human capabilities.

During the event, there will be presentations from academia and industry, focusing on a broad range of surveillance, medical, and automotive applications. The WIC has a long and outstanding tradition in hosting lively events on the state-of-the-art in information and communication theory and we hope to see you at the 24th of January in Eindhoven. More details on the program and information on how to register can be found in the program document.