DSC/e Lecture Bart Knijnenburg, User-Tailored Privacy Decision Support

24 May
12:30 - 13:30
De Zwarte Doos, Filmzaal
From 12 April
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Title: User-Tailored Privacy Decision Support


Privacy issues are an undying obstacle to the real-world implementation of data science. While there exist several  privacy-preserving data science solutions (e.g. client-side personalization, homomorphic encryption, k-anonymity), the concept of privacy is an inherently human attitude associated with the collection, distribution and use of disclosed data, and this disclosure itself is also a human behavior. 

This talk discusses one particular human-centric solution to reduce users’ privacy concerns: User-Tailored Privacy. User-Tailored Privacy is an approach to privacy that measures users’ privacy-related characteristics and behaviors, uses this as input to model their privacy preferences, and then provides them with adaptive privacy decision support. In effect, it applies data science as a means to support users’ privacy decisions. 


Bart Knijnenburg is an Assistant Professor in Human-Centered Computing at the Clemson University School of Computing. He holds a B.S. in Innovation Sciences and an M.S. in Human-Technology Interaction from the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, an M.A. in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and a PhD in Information and Computer Sciences from UC Irvine. Bart works on privacy decision-making and user-centric evaluation of adaptive systems. His work is supported by Samsung Research, the US Army, and the National Science Foundation.


Date and time:     Wednesday, May 24, 12:30 – 13.30
Location:              TU/e, Filmzaal de Zwarte Doos

12:00-12:30         Welcome
12.30-13.30         Lecture by Bart Knijnenburg

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