Data2Move community is shaping up and growing! (Invitation only)

28 September to 29 September
12:00 - 13:00

Data2Move is the key community and eco-system on the interface Internet of Things, Big Data and logistics/supply chain management.

In an effort to identify the important Big Data issues and opportunities, we allocate a substantial amount of resources to deliver results that are both practically and scientifically relevant. In this way, the membership creates the opportunity of intensive contact between our scientific staff, your professionals and peers from other companies. We intend to actively support and facilitate use cases, demonstration and business cases.

We will kick off the community on September 28 and 29 (from lunch to lunch). This meeting (note: invitation only) is hosted in Eindhoven. We are ambitious and during this kickoff meeting, we would like to set the agenda for the coming years in terms of pilots, demonstration and projects of common interest. One of the other important agenda points is getting to know one and another! So, there will be plenty of time for networking, discussions, etc. Additionally, we expect to have feedback on our NWO proposal (for additional funding to this community) in July. Part of the discussions will also be focused on how to attract extra money for our community, facilitating future pilots, demonstrations, research, etc.

The current composition of the community is as follows:


There are still ongoing discussions with other companies. We have also connected a European network of academics (Austria, UK, Denmark, Italy, Germany) working on similar topics very related to our community.