We are strongly linked with major Data Science organizations in the Netherlands and Europe (see direct links on the right of this page). In 2016 we have co-launched JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science). This encompasses an intensive collaboration with Tilburg University, the province of Noord Brabant and the city of ‘s Hertogenbosch. Former convent ‘Mariënburg’ is the new location for several joint educational programs.

Industry cooperation

Given the empirical nature of data science, DSC/e collaborates with a wide range of companies and organizations in various sectors. We love to get challenged by ‘real world’ problems, in order to make progress in scientific research. The TU/e has a strong tradition in cooperating with industry already since our start in 1956. According to the Times Higher Education we are currently worldwide nr 1 in cooperating with the world’s most innovative firms, see link.

We recognize several levels of cooperation, varying from:

  • Strategic partners (direct funding of researchers such as PhDs)
  • Research partners (co-funding of research, collaborative research, and spin-offs)
  • Cooperation partners (sharing data, student assignments, etc)