Joep Stokkermans


Smart Manufacturing: The organization towards organism


Nexperia B.V. supplies over 80 billion of standard product semiconductors. Key drivers for continued growth are the automotive and mobile markets. In this talk we sketch the trends and developments in back-end semi-conductor industry from an increased level of automation, sensor technology and connectivity towards a digital eco-system. Specific opportunities in product inspection, quality control, batch scheduling, data visualization, productivity and condition monitoring are identified and illustrated by concrete examples. Nexperia is deploying it’s smart manufacturing roadmap to acquire an Industry 4.0 leadership position in the high volume, low cost back-end semiconductor industry. Coming years, the information feedback loop over the manufacturing operations will be closed. This will lay the foundation for learning algorithms to enable system autonomy. Future manufacturing operations will develop towards an independent organism with dedicated artificial intelligence: it’s happening today and merely matter of time.


Stokkermans is Innovation Manager at Industrial Technology & Engineering Center of Nexperia. In Nexperia, the former Standard Product Business Unit of NXP,  ITEC has the mission to become industry leaders in Smart Manufacturing. With over 20 years of experience in system architecture and mechatronics, he is an allrounder in field of Semiconductor Assembly Equipment and Processes. Joep is member of the advisory board of the Fontys school of Engineering of Eindhoven, affiliated with the Department of Precision Microsystems Engineering of the TU Delft and the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences of the TU Eindhoven. Joep is co-author of several papers on automation and simulation of high volume semiconductor manufacturing.