Leone Flikweert


Access to your own medical data: a matter of trust


Nowadays the consumer is used to manage his or her own data. Your banking details are available 24/7. Even the government is online like the services for tax issues or parking licenses. Young people didn’t even know that travel agency or post offices used to be in brick buildings. But when you are a patient you can’t have an up to date online overview of your medication or other details nor a quick online chat with your doctor. Why is it so difficult to disclose medical data and it is still a matter of trust instead of IT systems? What about security, privacy and of medical data? This talk will give an overview of this topics and solutions for the Dutch situation.


Leone Flikweert 48, interim manager, with a focus on marketing, legal and commercial aspects in a not for profit environment. The last six years working in the ehealth business. Experienced in innovation, product management and marketing. Loves a pragmatic, result-oriented approach. But the devil is in the details and in the end people matters…