Roberto Minerva


The quest for data and the virtual continuum


The Virtual Continuum is the "entanglement" between physical and logical objects. The Virtual Continuum allows to create a continuous stream of data that describe the behavior of the physical object in its real environment. The virtual continuum is an enabler for the Programmable world, i.e. the ability to program and control each object in the world. Several research challenges arise in pursuing this approach. How can communication networks support entanglement? How much data will flow through the networks? What new processing approaches will be needed to deal with this data stream? How to store and manage this massive data flow? What about security, privacy and ownership of data? These and other topics will be tackled by this talk.


Roberto Minerva holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and Telecommunications from Telecom Sud Paris, France, and a Master Degree in Computer Science from Bari University, Italy. He was the Chairman of the IEEE IoT Initiative, an effort to nurture a technical community and to foster research in IoT. Roberto has been for several years in TIMLab, involved in activities on SDN/NFV, 5G, Big Data, architectures for IoT. Now he is a research engineer in Paris Sud Telecom and the Chief Technologist in, a startup aiming to drive the digitalization of businesses in several industries. He is authors of several papers published in international conferences, books and magazines.