Successful Data Science Summit Eindhoven with 423 visitors

On December 4th DSC/e organized its Data Science Summit in the Auditorium of the Eindhoven University of Technology. We look back on a very interesting and successful event. We welcomed well over 400 visitors resulting both in a full lecture room and in bustling poster sessions during the various networking breaks. The enthusiasm of our chair of the day, Isolde Hallensleben, caused a good vibe.


During the great keynote talk of the famous Prof. Rakesh Agrawal on "Big Data or Big Garbage: A Tale of a Quest for Business Intelligence from Social Data" a (small) number of visitors had to sit or stand on the stairs. The other five lectures were centered around our research programs:

  • Smart Manufacturing and Maintenance
  • Internet of Things
  • Customer Journey
  • Health Analytics
  • Quantified Self

Next to these talks, all programs showed several posters and demos, totaling over 40 hands-on, up-to-date examples of Data Science in action. The attention for these stayed high during all networking breaks; most of the poster presenters hardly could find the time to have a coffee.

The mix of speakers represented the mix of the audience: 3 from academia, 3 from industry. From our visitors about half originates from Universities (40% TU/e, 10% others). These were almost equally divided over scientific staff, PhDs, students and others.

The other half was a mixture from service industries (20%, including several Data Science companies), high-tech industry (10%), medical sector (10%) and various others (including nonprofit organizations). These visitors had a very diverse mix of functions. The largest groups were people in various managing positions (25%) and data scientists/analyst (15%).

All the presentations and a photo impression of the day are available on the Summit page; more information about our DSC/e research programs can be found here.

We hope to see you back next year, and many times in between!