Third internal lunch meeting on Artificial Intelligence

DSC/e organized, together with HTSC and Center H&T, the third Artificial Intelligence lunch meeting on May 9. These meetings aim at TU/e researchers (both scientific staff and PhD/PD) interested in this topic. Goal is to raise awareness, create a community and spark cooperation. In this well visited event (40-50 visitors), two fascinating presentations on various aspects of AI were given.


Introduction & AI plans

Johan Lukkien (M&CS)

Deep Learning for Surveillance and Security

Egor Bondarau, 3DVisionLab (VCA/SPS, EE)

Artificial Agents: Values and Ethics

Sven Nyholm, Philosophy & Ethics (IE&IS)

We had to postpone the third presentation to a next meeting, due to technical issues. The next lunch meetings will be end of June and mid September, exact date and location to be announced.