Successful first edition in the new Distinguished Lecture Series by Ron Kenett

”The Information Quality Framework for Evaluating Manufacturing 4.0 Analytics”

On June 1st, the DSC/e hosted its successful first edition in the new Distinguished Lecture Series, where international thought leaders share their view on an important data science topic. Despite the beautiful weather we had well over 50 participants, all of whom witnessed a very inspiring talk by Ron Kenett. Ron started his lecture by showing his audience the historical perspective of  advanced manufacturing. Currently we are witnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution based on Cyber-Physical Production Systems (Internet of Things and Services). After highlighting the role of analytics in Manufacturing 4.0 (Smart Industry), he moved on to the concept of Information Quality that he developed together with Galit Shmueli. In short: Information Quality is the potential of a particular dataset to achieve a particular goal, using a given empirical analysis method. He indicated how the well-known Big Data V’s (Volume, Velocity, Variety,…) map to the 8 dimensions of Information Quality. The dimensions Generalizability, Operationalization and Communication were illustrated with explicit case studies.

The final part of the presentation dealt with specific data analysis methods employed  in Manufacturing 4.0., particularly showcasing state-of-the-art methods for monitoring high-dimensional productions processes.The presentation concludedwith a lively discussion with the audience which continued over informal refreshments after the formal session had ended. Practical issues with the application of the Information Quality framework were discussed at length. We look forward to the following events in this series (check our website).