Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more attention, both in the scientific world as well as in business. There are many (slightly) different definitions and scopes of AI. For simplicity we define AI research as: “The study of intelligent agents: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.”

Many research groups at different TU/e departments are active either in advancing AI or in the application of AI techniques in their specific domains. Recently we have started with community building around this important topic. This is currently done in two ways

  • By creating an ‘AI landscape’, a one-page overview of all involved researchers (scientific staff only) in a structured manner.
  • Secondly by organizing a series of ‘AI lunches’. During these meetings, a number of researchers present their own work to the wider audience of AI researchers. Also the strategic views and ambitions on AI research are shared during these meetings.

This community building is a joint effort of DSC/e, HTSC and Center H&T.

AI events

Date EventSpeakers

14 Sep     

Lunch meeting 5

(TU/e internal) 

Yingqian Zhang (IE&IS)

Roland Toth (EE)

Rui Castro (M&CS)

29 Jun

Lunch meeting 4

(TU/e internal)                

Elena Mocanu (ME)

George Fletcher / Nikolay Yakovets (M&CS)

Raymond Cuijoers (IE&IS)

9 May

Lunch meeting 3

(TU/e internal)

Egor Bondarau (EE)

Sven Nyholm (IE&IS)

23 Mar

Lunch meeting 2

(TU/e internal)

Bert de Vries (EE)

Decebal Mocanu (M&CS)

Hans Zantema (M&CS)

31 Jan

Lunch meeting 1

(TU/e internal)

Joaquin Vanschoren (DSC/e)

Gijs Dubbelman (HTSC)

Wijnand IJsselsteijn (H&T)