Data repository overview

Good data science depends on the availability of good data. However, while the internet is buzzing with interesting datasets, it is often not straightforward to find them, or even know that they exist. They are typically known only within specific communities or to specific people, making it very hard to find the right data at the right time. This also means that novel tools and techniques to analyse that data are often developed and tested only using datasets known to their authors, thus missing opportunities to develop better, more versatile techniques. Vice versa, those that have interesting datasets may not know that these novel methods exist and how they can help them analyse their data.

To make a wider range of datasets available to DSC/e researchers, we have started a webpage where everyone can share the datasets that they know and like to use in their work. If a dataset it interesting to you, it is likely also interesting to other researchers, and may encourage new collaborations. Also, if you have a dataset that you'd like to analyse in novel ways, adding it to the list is a good way to focus attention on your data. You do not need to own the dataset, you can simply share a link to a website or a whole repository of datasets.